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Hiegen & Disease of Aquatic Animals

Hiegen & Disease of Aquatic Animals Course Syllbus 


1- Environmental Diseases (Diseases Related to Enviromental Disorder)

2- Parasitical Diseases ( Trichodinosis, Chilodonellosis, Ichthyophthiriosis, Cryptobiosis, Hexamitosis, Costiosis, Myxosomiasis, Cestoda, Termatoda, Nematode, Crustacea, Lampery)

3- Bacterial Disearses (Furunculosis, Vibriosis, Yersiniosis, Columnaris Infection ….)

4- Fungal Diseases (Saprolegniosis, Ichthyophonosis, Branchiomycosis)

5- Viral Diseases (IHN, VHS, IPN, SVC, SBI, ISA)

6- Nutritional Diseases

7- Methods for Prevention of Diseaeses


1- Sample Transportation, Sample Collection for Histopathological Examination,

2- Gross External Examination of Fish, Wet Mounts of Skin/Gills/Eyes,

3- Parasitical Examination from Different Organs,

4- Bacterial Examination, Fungal Examination, Methods for Application of Drugs and Chemical Agents




Grading Policy: 

Bachelor of Science


Saturday (10-12 AM), Winter 2015.

Laboratory: Saturday (13:30 -15:30 PM), Winter 2015.

Saturday (10-12 AM), Winter 2016.

Laboratory: Saturday (13:30 -15:30 PM), Winter 2016.

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